Trump’s trade war wrecking soybean market

Soybean farmers are finding out that loyalty to Donald Trump is a one-way street.  As you can see from the chart below, soybean prices are falling steeply, thanks to the predictable retaliation for Trump’s tariffs.  Soybeans were at about $11 a bushel earlier this year, now they’re at $9, which is close to the break-even point for most farmers.  That’s not just money out of the pockets of local farmers, that’s money out of the pockets of people who run businesses in this county, and people who work for wages.  Republican government has consequences, and here they are right now.

Trump’s response to the suffering he deliberately caused, is literally “Don’t blame me for that.”  Of course.  Why would the guy who said he was going to start a trade war, and then started a trade war, take the blame for the trade war he started?

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