This is what Republicans do

Of the many unsurprising things about the tax bill, here are some of the least surprising.

  • Republicans are united. You may have heard there was a civil war happening within the Republican Party, but it must be the kind of civil war in which the two factions agree with each other. Every single Republican in the Senate, and virtually all Republicans in the House, voted for cutting taxes on the rich. It’s what Republicans do. There’s no daylight between Trump and the Republican Party on this, the only major legislation they’ve been able to pass.
  • Big donors have been bribing Republicans for decades, and today their investment paid off. This will be huge for banks like Wells Fargo, already notorious for ripping off their own customers.
  • Republican lawmakers will also be benefitting personally. None have exhibited any shame, and we can expect none.
  • The destruction of the social safety net for the rest of us, using the excuse of “we can’t afford it, now that we’ve cut taxes” is already underway. Because of the sequestration deal that Democrats foolishly agreed to, cuts in Medicare will be automatic. This has been the Republican plan all along.
  • This is the kind of government that defines fascism. Anyone who denies that we now have a fascist government, also has the burden of proof.

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