Trump agrees with fascists (again)

Donald Trump retweeting a right-wing nutjob is not unusual, but it should always be news.  And when he retweeted racist videos from Britain First, it seems that was going too far, even for Britain’s Conservative government.  The President is officially unwelcome in London, and his state visit to Britain has been canceled.

Trump supporters may argue that retweeting is not endorsement.  But Trump himself says they are.  Asked in 2015 whether his retweets were endorsements, Trump said yes:

I think that’s right. Do you want me to say no?  You know, I retweet, I retweet for a reason.

Stephen Doughty, member of Parliament with the Labour Party, did not mince words:

This is the President of the United States sharing with millions inflammatory and divisive content deliberately posted to sow hatred and division by — as the Home Secretary says — a convicted criminal who is facing further charges who represents a vile fascist organization seeking to spread hatred and violence in person and online.  By sharing it he is either a racist, incompetent, or unthinking, or all three.

That the President is a racist is obvious to anyone who knows what racism is, but I think Doughty actually may have understated the problem.  The President isn’t just a racist, he’s a fascist who considers fascist organizations and their criminal leaders his allies.

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