Republicans unveil their plan to destroy your health care

From the Maddow Blog, some details on what the Republicans have been talking about for seven years when they say “repeal and replace.”  Mostly, repeal.  And tax cuts for the rich.

House Republican leaders on Monday formally unveiled legislation to repeal most of the Affordable Care Act and “replace” it with a very different health policy scheme ― one in which government would do a lot less to help people get comprehensive health insurance and, most likely, many more people would struggle to find affordable medical care. […]

The plan endorsed by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) … offers less financial assistance to low-income people, likely resulting in millions of Americans losing the health coverage they have today, and provides tax credits to people with higher incomes. The bill scraps key consumer protections.

And, crucially, the legislation is a vehicle for massive tax cuts for rich people and corporations, paid for by slashing assistance to poor and middle-class people.

Tax cuts for the rich, death by lack of health care for the poor middle class.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Republican Party.

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